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  • An additional Simple Cannula headset and the tubing only*. (*It does not include the Inhalation Option Pitcher Lid. Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Starter Kit is necessary to use this optional accessory.)
  • Specially designed hydrogen gas inhalation cannula headset and the tubing made of dense materials. (Use of oxygen cannula or other devices as a substitute will not deliver the same amount of hydrogen to the tip of the cannula.)
  • Hydrogen gas flow of 26ml/min & higher for Lourdes Hydrofix 2018 model & Premium Edition.
  • Tube length is approximately 137 cm long*. (*Slightly longer than Deluxe Cannula.)
  • Adjustable nose piece.
  • Sits underneath the nose. (Does not have a nosepiece goes into the nasal.)
  • Comfortable to wear. Perfect for a long session.


Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Before using, people with existing health conditions, who are pregnant or those taking prescription medications, should consult their health practitioner. Hydrogen water and gas produced with this product is pure and non-toxic. However, if undesirable symptoms persist, see your health practitioner. Prices, offers, and the information are subject to change without prior notice.