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Clinical Hydrogen Water and Inhalation Machine

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The Lourdes Hydrofix PREMIUM EDITION produces the highest concentration of hydrogen in water (1.6 ppm) and gas for inhalation (120ml/minute). We've also made significant investments in the Premium Edition to make it produce pure hydrogen, increase durability, user-friendly, and eco-friendly. 


  • Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition / International Model  
  • Inhalation Starter Kit (Inhalation Lid & Premium H2 Cannula 2 m long)
  • Universal AC/DC Adapter/Socket Type A* (*The product can be used worldwide, however, it may require a plug adapter to fit the power outlet in your country)
  • Cartridge (One cartridge is installed)
  • Measuring cup
  • Certificate of Dissolved Hydrogen Level
  • 1-Year Warranty  
  • English User's Manual*/PDF File (*It will be e-mailed to you upon delivery. Printed Booklet can be shipped to you per request when it becomes available.)
  • H2 Bag sold separately 

Holy Hydrogen designed the Lourdes Hydrofix PREMIUM EDITION to improve on the original model. Only Holy Hydrogen sells the PREMIUM EDITION - the latest and best model.


  • Most advanced Non-Electrolyzed Hydrogen Technology/Separate Chamber Electrolysis System
  • Highest grade Solid Polymer Electrolyte/Proton Exchange Membrane Technology
  • Latest NEMCA Effect* Technology (*Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity)
  • State-of-the-art VIVE* Expanded Metal Technology (*Vortex Induced Vibration Engineering)

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: International orders may be subject to import taxes and fees*. (*Any additional customs charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost.) Customs policies and customs processing times vary widely by each country. Contact your local customs office prior to placing the order and inform us of any important regulations and requirements.  Learn more

Non-Electrolyzed Hydrogen Technology/Separate Chamber Electrolysis System:

We developed a unique process to dissolve hydrogen into the water in a stable, natural state in order to prevent the hydrogen from quickly escaping the water. This technology is called Separate Chamber Electrolysis and is the most advanced Non-Electrolyzed Hydrogen Technology in existence. Instead of directly electrolyzing or force injecting hydrogen gas, the Lourdes Hydrofix dissolves hydrogen into the water in a natural way. That makes the hydrogen water more stable and long-lasting.  The pH remains neutral as well (unlike the hydrogen tablets you may have seen on Amazon). The Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition produces the longest-lasting, most stable, pH neutral, non-toxic, natural hydrogen on the market.

Avoid Direct Electrolysis. Inferior hydrogen machines will directly electrolyze the water which creates ozone gas in addition to hydrogen and oxygen. Ozone and toxic chlorine gas are generated by direct electrolysis. This is why it’s imperative for your health that you only use dual chamber/separate chamber electrolysis systems like the Lourdes Hydrofix.  

SPE/PEM* Technology (*Solid Polymer Electrolyte/Proton Exchange Membrane): 

The Lourdes Hydrofix made SEP/PEM technology the standard in the hydrogen industry. Along with the complete Separate Chamber System, the Lourdes Hydrofix goes beyond basic SEP/PEM technologies. Unlike other hydrogen devices, the electrolysis process occurs underneath the pitcher in a completely separate place from the drinking water. This means that the drinking water is not directly electrolyzed but is still saturated with hydrogen because the membrane only allows hydrogen ions to pass through it. This makes hydrogen gas & water from the Lourdes Hydrofix the purest for drinking and inhalation. The Lourdes Hydrofix only uses the highest grade membrane from Dupont. 

NEMCA Effect* Technology (*Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity):

Japan leads the world in renewable energy research and technology. We, and other companies like Toyota, have been conducting research and technological development on the latest utilization of hydrogen energy and renewable energy. The latest technological advancements in Japan give us, "Non-Faradaic Conversion" that goes beyond conventional electric technology

Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Modification of Catalytic Activity (NEMCA effect*) is a method that does not follow Faraday's law in electrochemical reactions, and obtains reactions higher than products derived by Faraday's law with a lower electric current. This phenomenon is well documented and recognized as one of the most exciting discoveries in Electrochemistry which has a great impact on many catalytic and electrocatalytic processes. Japan’s latest NEMCA Effect* Technology made it possible for us to achieve a higher production value of hydrogen with less electricity. 

Learn more here: Article 1, Article 2, Article 3

This produces savings in energy and a higher output of hydrogen gas.

VIVE* (*Vortex-Induced Vibration Engineering) Expanded Metal Technology:

The Lourdes Hydrofix uses state-of-the-art VIVE* Expanded Metal Technology (*Vortex-Induced Vibration Engineering) from Japan to generate ultrafine super-nano hydrogen bubbles of hydrogen - smaller and more stable than any other nano bubbles in existence. Its unique patented design forces the nano hydrogen bubbles to move downstream inducing bubbles to vibrate and create powerful vortexes, generating the world’s first and only structured hydrogen water. Achieving a full saturation of longest-lasting stable hydrogen water that is more permeable and bioavailable.

Expand Metal vs Perforated/Punched Metal:

Perforated/Punched Metal is a very basic manufacturing method for the electrode and it is inferior in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, and nano-ization of bubbles compared to the Expand Metal used for the Lourdes Hydrofix. 

Materials of the electrode:

The Lourdes Hydrofix uses a Premium Expanded Metal electrode plate (made of pure titanium and pure platinum) instead of plated platinum (platinum coating) or a plated platinum colloid* which are commonly used on other hydrogen machines. (*The platinum colloid is platinum processed with ethanol for industrial use and it is not the same as colloidal platinum which is a food additive.) Almost all hydrogen products on the current market use cheaper metals to cut their costs. Many of the advanced technologies aren’t even available in China, Taiwan, and Korea where inferior machines are manufactured. 

Plated metals used in other machines (both platinum colloid and base metal) erode much quicker when you run electricity through them - we’ve observed that it only takes 2-3 weeks of using plated metals before the machine starts leaching metals and chemicals into the water. In other words, plated metal is peeling off low-quality base metals may be leaching into your drinking water. That can do more devastating harm to humans than the benefits of molecular hydrogen, and that is why we did not make any compromise to the quality of the metal we use. This is why we only use pure medical grade platinum and titanium - because we care about your health more than we care about our margins.


DISSOLVED H2 CONCENTRATION: Full saturation 1.6ppm (±0.05ppm)*
H2 GAS INHALATION MEASUREMENT: 120ml/min & higher (3,600ml/30min & higher)*
H2 PURITY: 99.9995%
PH: Neutral (±0.1 from the original water)
PITCHER MATERIAL: BPA & BHPF free highest Japanese quality 
ELECTRODE MATERIAL: Top of the line pure-medical-grade titanium
DIMENSIONS: 276mm(W) × 289mm(H) × 147mm(D) / 10.87in(W) x 11.38in(H) x 5.79in(D)
WEIGHT: 1.75kg / 3.86 lb  
POWER SUPPLY: AC/DC Universal Adapter (Input: AC100 – 240V 50/60 Hz, Output: 8.5V – 3.52A)

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Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition