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・Please be aware a black-market Lourdes Hydrofix is currently sold in other places, claiming to be an authentic product with a warranty, however, there is no other authorized dealer for Lourdes Hydrofix at this time.  Individual Hydrogen Level Certificate, English User's Manual, Warranty, and Support is only provided to the product sold by Holy Hydrogen.  Holy Hydrogen and Manufacturer take no responsibility for the aftercare, technical support, maintenance and warranty service of the Lourdes Hydrofix sold by an unauthorized dealer.  Feel free to check with us to confirm the authenticity of any Lourdes Hydrofix. 

・The Lourdes Hydrofix is the newest hydrogen generator, manufactured in Japan by a different company than the old  Korean Lourdes HS-71 & 81 models we previously carried.


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  • Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Before using, people with existing health conditions, or who are pregnant and those taking prescription medications, should consult with their health practitioner.  Hydrogen water and gas produced with this product is pure and non-toxic.  However, if undesirable symptoms persist, see your health practitioner.
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    Additional Cartridge for Lourdes Hydrofix

    Installed inside the main body reservoir tank and assists in the electrolysis process.   The Cartridge does not filter drinking water in the pitcher.

    • High quality H-type D/I filters. 
    • Effectively prevents calcium buildup on the electrode plates, assist on efficient hydrogen production, and extends the lifespan of the electrode plates.
    • Simple removal and installation and clean operation of the machine.
    • Recommended changing the cartridge once a year or when the cartridge exchange indicator light turns on.
    • Any water including RO(Reverse Osmosis) water, distilled water, electrolyzed water, alkaline water, Kangen water, spring water, well water and tap water can be used (excludes sea water and salt water).
    • Quality guarantee for one year from the date of purchase.
    • Recommend one purchase per year per customer.

    Attention Notice

    • Do not consume the water produced by this cartridge.
    • Do not consume the materials inside of the cartridge.