Please be aware that a black-market Lourdes Hydrofix is currently being sold in other places falsely claiming to be an authentic product directly from Japan with certificate and warranty.

Holy Hydrogen is the Official International Distribution Center of the Lourdes Hydrofix and the only factory-direct distributor of the authentic international model of Lourdes Hydrofix. There are no other dealers for the Lourdes Hydrofix at this time. 

Don't be duped! 

The sellers below are not authorized international dealers of the Lourdes Hydrofix. Their product is excluded from the warranty, certification and any service and maintenance by the manufacturer and Holy Hydrogen.

  • H2-Miracle Water (They are not our authorized dealer at any country and their product maybe a blackmarket product.)
  • Rakuten (We do not offer International models at any Rakuten site.)
  • Zenmarket (We do not offer International models at any Zenmarket site.)
  • Amazon (We do not offer International models at any Amazon site at this time.)
  • Amazon / Hydrogen Store (They are not our authorized dealer at any country and their product maybe a blackmarket product.)
  • eBay (We do not offer International models at any eBay site at this time.)
  • eBay / bhjapan (The unit showing on the listing is not our authentic product.)
  • eBay / east-store-japan (The unit showing on the listing is not our authentic product)
  • eBay / teruminkeiichie
  • eBay / ijbuyer1204
  • eBay / omege3y (The unit showing on the listing is not our authentic product)
  • eBay / solid_store*japan
  • eBay / lucky_eight_trading
  • eBay / Miraiplus
  • eBay / abeille8
  • eBay / music-tiger
  • eBay / japanpeaceshop
  • eBay / japantokyoseller11
  • eBay / japan_recommended
  • eBay / iinejapan
  • eBay /alletatjapan 


Please help us protect people from being duped! 

If you find the Lourdes Hydrofix sold by anyone other than Holy Hydrogen, please inform us and we will warn people here on our website! 

Again, protect your investment in your health! 

Check with us before you purchase a Lourdes Hydrofix anywhere else!

We will answer any questions you may have to ensure you have the authentic product and the support you deserve for many years to come. Thank you.


Q.  I purchased the Lourdes Hydrofix from another seller. They claim it is authentic directly from Japan. Is my Lourdes Hydrofix really authentic?

A.  Please beware of the Lourdes Hydrofix scam on the internet. Please contact us to check the authenticity of your Lourdes Hydrofix.
Holy Hydrogen and the manufacturer take no responsibility for the technical support, aftercare, maintenance, repairs and warranty service of the product purchased from an unauthorized dealer. The Lourdes Hydrofix sold by Japanese dealers outside Japan is also excluded from any warranty coverage. Please note that Holy Hydrogen is limited to provide support and service only to the customers who purchased the international version of the authentic Lourdes Hydrofix distributed through Holy Hydrogen.

Q.  What is the difference between the Lourdes Hydrofix from Japan and the one from Holy Hydrogen?

A.  Lourdes Hydrofix sold in Japan is designed to be used only in Japan, and if it is used outside Japan, it will be excluded from any warranty service.
The Lourdes Hydrofix distributed through Holy Hydrogen/International Distribution Center is an international version and it goes through an extensive testing and individual certification process to ensure the product's quality, reliability, and the durability to be able to withstand usage anywhere in the world.
Certificate, warranty, English customer support, and User's Manual are only available for the Lourdes Hydrofix distributed by Holy Hydrogen.

Q.  Can I get a Lourdes Hydrofix directly from Japan?

A.  We highly recommend purchasing the authentic international version of the Lourdes Hydrofix through Holy Hydrogen/International Distribution Center. Holy Hydrogen is the only factory-direct authorized dealer of the Lourdes Hydrofix providing English communication and services. Excellent customer support is a very important aspect of the product, and we are here to help you and to answer any questions you may have!

Q.  Is the Lourdes Hydrofix a fake Lourdes?

A.  No. The Lourdes Hydrofix is a brand new product manufactured in Japan by a Japanese company, and it is a completely different product from the old Lourdes models HS-71 & 81 manufactured by Korean and Taiwanese companies. The Lourdes Hydrofix is the most advanced and most reliable technology from Japan and provides pure, safe and therapeutic level of hydrogen water and hydrogen gas!

Q.  There are videos showing the Lourdes Hydrofix is corroded. Is it true?

A.  No. The Lourdes Hydrofix currently sold uses pure titanium, and the titanium resists all forms of corrosion by fresh water and will not corrode even through the electrolysis process.


For more details or to confirm the authenticity of any Lourdes Hydrofix, contact us at: