LOURDES HYDROFIX / Simple Cannula Set

LOURDES HYDROFIX / Simple Cannula Set

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Developed by top scientists and engineers in Japan with a passion for perfection.  Top of the line quality parts are made by the most prestigious companies in Japan and carefully assembled and manufactured by the No.1 hydrogen machine factory in Japan and undergoes an extensive inspection process with the highest Japanese quality control standard, and finally, each unit is lab tested multiple times to ensure the performance of each machine!!  The first and only company to test and certify each individual machine!   

  • Signature confirmation is required upon receipt of the package.
  • Every Each machine is Individually tested and certified. Now each machine comes with the Certification of Dissolved Hydrogen Level!
  • The one and Only Hydrogen Machine truly made in Japan!
  • Surpassed 7 Year Performance and Durability Stress Tests!
  • 1 Year Warranty.  Warranty serviced in the U.S.A.
  • Free Inhalation Starter Kit with Simple Cannula ($200 value) included!
  • Price is in US dollars.  
  • Sales Tax included. 
  • English User's Manual in PDF file will be e-mailed to you upon delivery.
  • English User's Manual Booklet can be shipped to you per request when it becomes available.
  • Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Before using, people with existing health conditions, or who are pregnant and those taking prescription medications, should consult with their health practitioner.  Hydrogen water and gas produced with this product is pure and non-toxic.  However, if undesirable symptoms persist, see your health practitioner.
  • Prices, offers, and the information are subject to change without prior notice. 



  • The highest concentration dissolved molecular hydrogen water of 1.2ppm~1.537ppm! 
  • Full saturation in 10 minutes for 500ml, 30 min for 1.5L.
  • SCE (Separate Chamber Electrolysis) System with SPE(Solid Polymer Electrolyte)/PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.  Drinking water is not electrolyzed nor pressurized.  The most stable, long-lasting and clean hydrogen water on the market!  No chemical reaction (magnesium and other additives) are used to generate hydrogen.  pH neutral.  Does not change TDS level of the water.  No ozone, oxygen and other ions mix into the drinking water.  99.999% pure molecular hydrogen water
  • Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Option.  Inhalation of 26ml and higher pure hydrogen gas per minute, 780ml and higher in 30 minutes.  99.999% pure therapeutic-grade hydrogen gas. No ozone gas, no chlorine gas or any other type of gas mixed in. Completely safe and non-toxic.
  • Hydrogen Gas Inhalation Kit with a specially designed tube and cannula headset included with the purchase!  Hydrogen concentration is tested at the tip of the cannula. (Use of oxygen-cannula and other devices as a substitute will not deliver the same amount of hydrogen gas to the tip of the cannula.)  Molecular hydrogen produced by this machine is non-flammable and completely safe. 
  • The Layer of specially engineered Pure Titanium Plates with Pure Silver, and Pure Platinum coatings on Electrolysis side of the machine.  Pure Titanium is allergy-free, non-toxic, non- corrosive and most durable, but it requires high skills and intensive process to manufacture.  Skillfully manufactured by the top metal company in Japan and its technology is known to be only possible in Japan. 
  • Pure Titanium Electrode Plate is used on the pitcher side. Pure Titanium is allergy-free, non-toxic, non- corrosive and most durable.
    • SPE/PEM technology with the highest quality Electrode Membrane from Dupont.  Durable, long-lasting and consistent hydrogen production. 
    • Heavy-duty Wide Electrode Pins.  Pure Titanium with Pure Platinum Coating.  Durable, long-lasting and consistent hydrogen production.
    • Simple to use Cartridge system.  Easy removal and installation. 
    • Highest quality H-type D/I filter Cartridge assists efficient hydrogen gas production, prevents calcium buildup on the electrode panel and extends the lifespan of the electrode plate.  
    • Cartridge Exchange Indicator and reset button. The Cartridge Exchange Indicator will let you know even you forget to change the cartridge. (The cartridge is recommended to change once a year. )
    • Convenient Stand-by Mode keeps dissolved hydrogen level to 100% and even higher for 12 hours!
    • Twist-lock Pitcher Lid.  Easy removal and cleaning.
    • Hydrogen Keeper assists achieving full hydrogen saturation and preserves the hydrogen in the water up to 89%, 12 hours after the Stand-by Mode has been shut off!  The Hydrogen Keeper's design is robust and it floats inside the pitcher.
    • Simple one button operation. You can start the 30-min hydrogen production by one push of the button!
    • Hydrogen Concentration Indicator displays a guideline of the dissolved hydrogen level during hydrogen production.
    • Remaining Time Indicator tells you how much time left until the completion of the hydrogen production.
    • Blue Operation Indicator Light pulsate and eliminate hydrogen bubbles.
    • Pitcher capacity 1.5L. 
    • The pitcher made with the highest quality BPA and BHPF free AS from Japan.
    • Universal power supply with electric current stabilizer, AC/DC Adapter. Input: AC100~240V 50/60Hz, Output:8.5V~3.52A).  It can be used worldwide. (The power socket varies by each country and it may require a different shucko/plug adapters for international customers.)
    • Compact and elegant design with high-quality materials overall.  Portable and no installation necessary.  246mm(9.68inch) W x 289mm(11.38inch) H x 147mm (5.78inch) D. Weight 1.75kg (3.86lb) 
    • Water TDS level of 0~500 can be used.  It means the wide range of water (excluding sea water and salt water) can be used in both main-body reservoir tank and the pitcher, including RO/Reverse Osmosis water, distilled water, electrolyzed water, alkaline water, Kangen water, spring water, well water, filtered water and tap water.
    • Easy, simple and affordable maintenance!  Once a month citric acid cleaning*, and change a cartridge once a year.  (*If the water used contains high amounts of calcium such as alkaline water, Kangen water, hard water, etc., it may require more frequent citric acid cleaning than usual.  If the water used contains a large amount of silica and/or iron such as tap water, well water, spring water, etc., it may require more frequent maintenance than usual.)
    • Optional Water Filter is available.  Activated Charcoal Water Filter for your pitcher is available if you need a filter for your tap water.  It removes 90% of chlorine and 80% of trihalomethane. (Optional item. Sold separately. Not included with the machine.)