LOURDES HYDROFIX Premium vs. Regular Edition - inhalation testing of Hydrogen ml/min

This video demonstrates that when the testing is done between our 2018 Lourdes Hydrofix non-premium edition and current Japanese model when compared to the Lourdes Hydrofix Premium edition model , that the testing is quite accurate and should lay any doubts to rest regarding the manufacturers hydrogen production claims. The 2018 Loudes Hydrofix non-premium edition's claimed levels of hydrogen were verified when tested in a laboratory with a chromatography machine which provides the most accurate measurements of hydrogen possible. Therefor the 2018 (non Premium Edition) model is without any doubt a perfect comparing point between any newer models when being tested. In this video the test reveals and confirms the same exact levels measured by the chromatography machine therefore showing that this testing method is very accurate way to measure ml per minute accurately. When compared with the Premium Edition it is very obvious that the Premium Edition model makes much higher levels of hydrogen than the Non Premium Edition model using the exact same method during live testing. The test shows that the Non Premium Edition model makes at least what it claims which is at least 26ml of hydrogen per minutes and the 2019 Premium Edition shows to make at least 120ml per minute with the exact same test performed and testing method. This test should put all doubts of accuracy to rest per the video was done all in one take and no cutting of video was done. This was done to ensure the viewer that there was no tampering of the test measurements performed on this video.

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