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HYDROGEN The Anti Aging Miracle an Interview with Tyler LeBaron

Video Transcript: I'm here in Tokyo with my friend and someone, I respect very much Tyler, who is the CEO and the founder of the molecular hydroge...

The Science of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy - Tyler LeBaron

Tyler Lebaron of Molecular Hydrogen Institute shares an overview of the science of Molecular Hydrogen and it's health potential. Video Transcript:...

Why Hydrogen Therapy is Being Investigated For COVID 19 Pathophysiology

This video discusses COVID-19 pathophysiology and the rationale for why H2 is being clinically investigated.

Dr. Shigeo Ohta & Tyler Lebaron Discuss Hydrogen Benefits

A discussion about therapeutic hydrogen gas between Tyler W. LeBaron, Executive Director of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation, and Dr. Shigeo Ohta, Nippon Medical School.